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The story began three years ago, in 2016 when the founding team established a software hub to research various types of technologies and develop long term solutions for multiple industries. We have completed several high-profile software development projects, achieved great success, and have been at the forefront in the execution of a wide array of software development projects for individuals, government, and large corporations. 

​During that time, our research shifted our focus to the emerging unmanned solution industry, specifically within the defense industry. We learned from our study that full autonomy is a race between different institutions and universities, and we wanted to be a part of that race. We build a robotics team in 2019 and established our company in the UAE under the name Code Three Fourteen Technologies with a focus on the defense industry. Most of the technological advancements and introduction of new technologies are first introduced and used in the defense industry before trickling down to the general public.

We want to make sure the UAE will play a huge role in the race to reach level 5 autonomy with its own Autonomous software to facilitate the integration of Autonomy in the UAE Defense & Commercial Sector. 

We developed L-JEER, an autonomous software solution, to help our nation in the race to level 5 autonomy and be part of that history. 



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L-JEER is an autonomous navigation system developed to transform any vehicle into an autonomous vehicle. L-JEER software suite, along with multiple hardware components (chassis, actuators, sensors, odometers...etc.) is used to receive input data and deliver the output to drive the decisions of the system. 
The L-JEER navigation stack comprises various individual software modules working in coordination to move the vehicle in a controlled and safe manner. Navstack receives input from the user about what the vehicle should do. It converts user input into a navigation problem and passes it to different modules to finally calculate the speed and direction the vehicle should move in to complete the assigned task while avoiding obstacles in the environment.

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