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Food Security



AgTech is the use of innovative technology in agriculture to Increase crop yield, reduce infestation, and increase farm efficiency to ensure food security. Our aim is to elevate the agriculture industry in the region with the latest agri-tech technologies and solutions.



Why are we doing this?



By 2050,

Earth's population will reach 10 Billion.

The demand for food will increase by 70%

Rising temperature will reduce crop yield by 2 - 4% & cause a complete loss of yield in certain locations.

Decrease in cultivated land & diminishing water resources available for farming

Arial View of Green Field


Using AgTech innovative solutions.

A global effort today is required to tackle these issues using innovative technologies to increase crop yield and ensure food security.


CODE is committed to be part of this global initiative with its innovative drone autonomous technologies. 


CODE Current Missions
B-THIR - Date Palm Trees

B-Thir is an innovative solution in the Agritech industry.

B-THIR currently targets date palm trees pollination and Red Palm Weevil (RPW) Detection in the UAE using drone technology. B-Thir UAV is a breakthrough in operating autonomous drones using Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) model and develops a unique platform to manage up to hundreds of autonomous air systems in the same field area. As part of the mission, B-THIR provides customers with an effective, intelligent, and advanced device solution for the agriculture industry maximizing crop yield and efficiency. The traditional pollination process is carried out either naturally or by manual spraying and can take up to 30 minutes per tree compared to B-Thir technology, which takes less than 1 minute to pollinate a tree.

- Milestones

Autonomous Drone


We have successfully pollinated model farms in Liwa, Fujairah, and Al Ain.


Pollination results provided by         
Labs, comparing results of different pollination techniques


Autonomous Infested Trees Detection

We have collected data of RPW infested Palm Trees

Red Palm Weevil Detection

Data fed into our AI solution for analyzing & machine learning identifying infested trees

Proof of Concept 


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